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Participation and Evaluation

With a range of international and local experience, we can help your organisation better meet the needs of your service users through teaching you creative, participatory consultation techniques or consulting with them on your behalf.

Julia has evaluated a number of international projects that focus on inclusion and participation (including Afghanistan, Moldova, Colombia, Laos and Peru).

See more about Julia's work in Afghanistan, featured in the Alliance for Inclusion's magazine, here

Introduction to Participation Techniques

A training day/half-day for staff that teaches them a range of strategies to involve children and young people in educational, transition and looked after reviews using person-centred techniques.

The session includes:

  • What is ‘real’ Participation?
  •  Hands on strategies
  • Be part of a visual annual review*
  • Training in use of graphics (ability to draw not necessary!)
  • Opportunity to practice in a safe setting

*Published in the journal ‘Support for Learning’ Hayes, J (2004) Visual Annual Reviews: How to Include Pupils with Learning Difficulties in their Educational Reviews v19 n4 p175-180

Consultation with service users on your behalf

We can research and report the views of your service users on current service provision and their hopes for future plans.

We specialise in gaining the views of children & adults from marginalized groups, using a range of creative and engaging techniques (including pre-prepared graphics, which feature in the reports).

Previous examples have included:

  • Consultation with 100 children from marginalized groups (inc those who live with substance misuse, domestic violence, are refugees/asylum seekers, young carers) for a local authority who were planning future services
  • Consultation with 60 parents/carers of children with disabilities on the services they are receiving and would like to see

Project Evaluations

Julia is experienced in evaluating project outcomes and providing recommendations for UK-based and international organizations.

She has a good reputation for using creative participatory techniques to engage beneficiaries and other stakeholders, and has worked with Ministry officials, trustees and managers, project staff, parents/carers and children in the UK and abroad (including Afghanistan, Moldova, Colombia, Laos and Peru).

Examples have included:

  • A mid-term evaluation of an inclusion and employment project in the north of Afghanistan for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (see article featured in the Alliance for Inclusion's magazine, here)
  • An evaluation of an inclusion model established by Lumos, Moldova, to inform national policy. Recommendations were made to develop the highly successful model and facilitate its roll out across the country



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