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Graphics & Toolkits

Make your events and information more engaging & accessible using our drawing and writing skills.

We can capture the content of your conference, live, on large posters, illustrate your information or write practical toolkits that support your staff to help others

Graphic Recording

We can help your organisation demonstrate that you are listening to your customers and interested in what they have to say, through capturing the content of a conference or consultation using images and words, drawn ‘live’ during the event.

Alternatively, we can create bespoke illustrations to add to your information.

We regularly work with a range of organizations (including NHS trusts, CCGs, Care Quality Commission, Alliance for Inclusive Education) during service user events and conferences that focus on information giving.

There are examples of graphics and a short video below

An interview with graphic artist Julia Hayes from Development Planning Unit on Vimeo.

‘Today I had my say and they listened’
Service User, NHS event

Writing Toolkits

Julia has experience of writing toolkits on behalf of large non-governmental organisations, some of which have been published and are sold nationally.

She is able to write for a variety of audiences and based on a range of topics (e.g. disability, support for care leavers, children with long-term health conditions, children who live with substance misuse).

Free download:

National toolkit for children whose parents misuse substances ‘You are not alone’ Children’s Society

Or see

Reality check: a participation toolkit for adults working with young people leaving care - Barnardo’s, UK

Development of these toolkits typically involves focus groups with the client group and specialists in the field.



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